About Us



We make a difference on the competition. The name of our journey is Don’t Stop…


HG BARA was founded in 2015 in order to provide services to the rapidly growing electricity and energy sector with its high quality and flexible solutions.


Our main principle with its pioneer experience and accumulation in the sector is FIRST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Our aims are to provide the best service to our domestic and international customers with the latest technology and with the high service understanding.


HG BARA, producer of flexible braided connectors and busbar, grounding systems, terminal and separator parts has also strong sales and marketing activities.



HG BARA, with its young, dynamic and experienced staff, provides service in the following titles:


Braided Copper Tapes – Very Flexible

Braided Copper Tapes – Flexible  Round twisted copper cables

Round Flexible Flexible Cables – DIN 46438

Very Flexible Round Braided Copper Cables  Braided

Round Twisted Cables – DIN 46440

Cable Shielding – Ekmufu

Flexible Braided Flexible CopperBar

Insulated Braided Copper FlexibleBaralar – Contact Areas Pressed

Insulated Braided Copper Flexible Bars – Contact Areas Soldered

Flexible Braided Soils

Air Cooled Round Twisted Cables

Water Cooled Cables

Press Riveted Leaf Bars

Press Welding Leaf Bars

Insulated Flex Bars

Special Parts Manufacturing