The most important source of HG BARA is “human”. The present and the future of HG BARA depends on the experience and personal development of our employees. The basis of our Human Resources Policy are flexibility, continuing education and dissemination of the best practices.




HG BUSINESS VALUES SYSTEM, our employees; define the method of relations with customers, suppliers, shareholders and other third parties.


Our Values: 

Continuous Improvement

Openness & Transparency


Creating value for the customer


Openness to Change

Using the Initiative



Our Human Resources Department always works with all functions to get the right person for the right job. HG BARA has developed a system to identify critical, committed, talented personnel who lead change and realize strategic goals. Critical personnel selection and evaluation process determining professional skills, evaluating the employee with more than one criterion, preparing development plans, giving feedback to the employee and continuously supporting them.



Training & Development programs are designed to increase the efficiency of our white and blue collar employees as well as to improve the organization. The trainings, which are specially planned for our employees, start with the “Orientation Program” which ensures fast and easy compliance to HG BARA. We continue our activities with our employees’ competencies and guide our employees throughout their learning process. The training plan and budget are discussed every year with our department managers and are based on HG BARA’s objectives and strategies in the relevant period. Our trainings include; management skills, personal development (communication, NLP, …) and function based (sales, logistics, finance, …) training is included. In addition, by creating talent matrices for our employees within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management Systems requirements; and other trainings are held in the annual training plan. Our aim is to provide trainings in various subjects and ensure that all our employees have the opportunity to learn and develop their business skills.

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