Technical Details

* Material / Brading

0,10 – 0,20 mm Cu ETP-1 Copper wire  ( annealed  & tinned)

* Contact Area / Terminal

Flexible braided connectors are manufactured with Cu-ETP wires. Contact areas are made of electrolytic seamless pipes and applying the solderless press. According to customer requirements, the contact areas can be bare, coated with tin, silver and nickel.

* Insulation

PVC, Silicone and Heat Shrink Tube

* Packaging

Wooden boxes and pallets

* Design and Aplication Areas

Flexible braided copper busbars are preferred because they have a moving element feature in areas where vibration and flexibility are high in low and high voltage. We can produce flexible and flexible busbars in standard and special designs for various applications. These braided bars can transfer low and high currents. Flexible copper bars are made of electrolytic copper (solid or tinned) wires. The connection surfaces can be bare or covered with tin, silver and nickel depend on technical specifications. Flexible braided copper bars can be isolated with heat shrink tube, PVC and silicone.


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